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Hi all!

You can try translating my full Russian site using e.g. this online translation service. Hope you will understand at least something.
Unfortunately I have too few time to translate all the stuff into English while there is some info that I believe can be useful for community. So you'll have to either satisfy yourself with few items below or read my Russian pages.

This site is about hand-made add-ons for Pocket PCs and cell phones that can be interested for Russian community. Russian means "having no money, smart brains, much time and direct hands". All the rest are, of course, welcome, too :)

You can reach me by email here. However, I don't promise I Will answer.

My hardware project (in English): Atmel AVR based controller for thermal printing head LTP3445.

Information (yet in Russian) grouped by phone or PDA make.

Benefon NMT-450 Maxon NMT-450 Nokia 6210/7110 GSM
Motorola AMPS Philips ISIS AMPS Casio Cassiopea BE-300
Ericsson GSM AT-commands, SMS, PDU etc GSM

Using free traffic between cell phones to call wired phones for free (routers)

Wiring cell phone to PBX

Routers for GSM

DISA and router based on vioce modem

Connecting NMT phones to PBX

C programming

Atmel microcontrollers

Car cell phone holder :)

Other people's creations


Connecting GSM phone to GPS receiver


AMPS phones testmode

AMPS Motorola jacks

AMPS Motorola cell phone data exchange protocol

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